Voice Training & Coaching

Do you want to boost your confidence and vocal power?

The tone of voice has a substantial impact on how our message is received on the other end. When we communicate on the phone without facial expressions and body language, the voice becomes the main vehicle for the nonverbal aspect of our message, conveying how we really feel…

In situations where there is a conflict between the spoken word and the tone of voice, the tone of voice always wins over spoken words. Nevertheless, most of us only know a limited aspect of our voice as a communication tool.

  • connect your voice with your body
  • obtaining optimal impact learn how to improve a flickering and hollow voice
  • project your voice without strain, reaching the back of the room

…exercises to give dynamic expression to your voice

Voice Training can be given in individual sessions as well as in groups.

I would love to help you find your Right Kind of Loud.

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