Moderator & Speaker

Invigorating Meetings and Events

A dynamic moderator can make a big difference for panel events and conferences. If you are the moderator, I can coach you with the preparations, or I am happy to moderate your event on your behalf.

Guest speaking slots can be a great way to animate team meetings, to bridge transitions between different activities, or as stand-alone energisers, both for online and in person events.

Click on the image to see the slide deck.

Having good presentation slides is a core element of the Right Kind of Loud. We sometimes forget that slides are a visual aid to the story and not the story itself.

Work presentations need some text elements, of course. Keynote presentations can be solely visual depending on the context. 

Here’s a sample deck from one of my keynotes to inspire you – HSMAI 2021.


Your Voice Your Power
The Right Kind of Loud Online
Speak Up Speak Right
Creating Rapport Online
Speaking from a Leadership Space
Voice and Wellness
Caring Conversations
Mastering Meetings Online


10-60 minutes - depending on the context