The Right Kind of Loud for Good

Making a Difference

When you invest in the Right Kind of Loud, we are making a difference together. Since the beginning of my career, I’ve been connecting with and supporting marginalized communities. The reasons are many. First of all, any of them could be me or you. It’s no coincidence my TEDx ends with my quote: The stranger next to you is you.

I learned Spanish while creating a performance with young people recovering from substance abuse in Mexico City. I’ve led creative writing workshops for incarcerated people in Dubai prison and mentally ill in Copenhagen. I’ve taught languages to refugees and asylum seekers with the Red Cross and confidence to foster youth in California.

These experiences remind me to be humble. They keep me learning. And the biggest gift of all, they make my heart grow.

When the pandemic started, I wanted to contribute. In the middle of upheaval and isolation we found ourselves needing connection more than ever. In April 2020 I started hosting zoominars with professionals around the world, holding a space for us to show up with what is. After 37(!) sessions I changed the format to Masterclasses with live Right Kind of Loud coaching, welcome to join us

Many organizations have reached out in the virtual space, asking me to donate my time and expertise to support their mission. To mention a couple, last year I coached young entrepreneurs with their pitches for Tatawwar, meaning ‘to develop’ in Arabic. Powered by Potential, they gather teenagers from the Middle East to develop solutions for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. I also volunteered for the Hult Prize who does the same with young professionals around the world.