Team Building


For many organizations, remote work has become part of our new normal with team members spread across the globe. When we work in international teams it’s easy to feel a lack of human connection. We’re missing the watercooler moments, sharing with our colleagues about things that aren’t task-related.

This format has been developed to create a safe space for real conversations. In addition to the topic itself, the session will give them a hands-on experience of a dynamic facilitation approach that they can start using with their own stakeholders, be it external or internal.



Invigorate online engagement for the team members


Present engagement tools – pre/during/post session


Create a safe space for what is happening in the moment

Topic Menu

(more to choose from if desired)

Caring Conversations in Online times
Self-Kindness in Online times
Words and Legacy in Online times
Looking Good in Online times
The Human Voice in Online times
Trusting in Online times


  • These sessions can be stand-alone or part of a series of sessions – with a series, a deepened sense of community and belonging emerges
  • The topics have been delivered in my Zoominar series "The Right Kind of Loud in Online times", the feedback is continually on a high
  • Session/s to be delivered on Microsoft Teams or Zoom platform with breakout rooms

Group Size

15-30 participants
Groups that work together and know each other already – or groups that are created to bridge relationships across teams, functions and/or regions


90 minutes