Pitch Training

Do you know how to convince potential investors of your business idea?

The business pitch has its own set of challenges. The duration is ultra-short, usually three minutes or less, the purpose is to generate funding and the audience typically consists of potential investors. As presenters, it is easy to get caught up inside our own product ideas after months of focus, sweat, nerves and dreams.

And this is where we need to shift perspective. Audience awareness and composition is key for an effective pitch.

Kim has a Bachelor of Arts in Dramaturgy, the study of narrative structures and audience connection. Drawing invaluable lessons from Aristotle to Shakespeare to tech gurus in the Silicon Valley, she has sharpened her ability to help you get your message through.

  • practice synthesizing, making your core message digestible
  • make sure your introduction and conclusion hit home
  • gain awareness about efficient PowerPoints – most are not…

…hands-on practice with pitch delivery and feedback

I would love to help you find your Right Kind of Loud.

Get in touch at +971(0)58 516 6739 or kim@rightkindofloud.com