Online Presentations Skills

Boost Your Impact Through the Screen

When we communicate through the screen, we go from using five to two senses, leaving taste, smell, and touch behind while relying on visual and audio-only. This shift requires a speaking style that leverages our presence and charisma. Here’s a session to boost your speaking impact through the screen.

With an optional second session, the participants have the opportunity to practice and learn from each other as speakers in a masterclass format.



Mindset and tools to take your presentations online 


5-step preparation method


Check-list for delivery: body language, screen presence, winning speaking attitude 


Session 1

What’s different when we speak via our laptops?
How to prepare for your online audience
Getting the best of your screen presence

Session 2 (optional)

Live feedback of participant presentations
Storytelling, anchoring of content into the needs of your audience
Nonverbal communication: body language, voice, and impact
Group Size

15-30 participants
Groups that work together and know each other already – or groups that are created to bridge relationships across teams, functions and/or regions


Session(s) to be delivered on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or other platforms with breakout rooms


90 minutes