Online Facilitation Skills

Mastering Meetings and Engagement 

For team members who are engaging with customers and leaders who are coordinating projects, there’s an added layer of demands around the ability to build relationships and create rapport through the screen.

These modules are designed to make sure they are well equipped for the challenges and opportunities that remote workdays bring. 

Moving from three-dimensional interaction in real life to two-dimensional interaction in front of our screens, we are missing the interaction aspect with room for comments and input that emerge at the moment. 



Engaging customers and stakeholders – facilitation mindset


How to encourage listening and make it alive


Screen presence and confidence – finding the Right Kind of Loud online


Creating rapport and building relationships


Session 1

What’s different when we engage online –
starting out, dos & don’ts
Facilitation techniques – check-in tools, screen display, audience interaction
Individual support and deepening of tools in action

Session 2 (optional)

Application of engagement tools –
how has it been using them?
Showing up: screen presence, body language, voice, attitude
Status quo check and needs moving forward
Group Size

15-30 participants
Groups that work together and know each other already – or groups that are created to bridge relationships across teams, functions and/or regions


Session(s) to be delivered on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or other platforms with breakout rooms


90 minutes