Company Celebrations

For milestones and anniversaries

Although we cannot gather for gala dinners and big group events, it is certainly possible to come together in a celebration virtually to mark a special occasion. While there are many party versions in the online space with quizzes and games of different kinds, this format has been developed to create a container for sharing and connecting.

As a voice from a company milestone said: “This celebration went deeper than our parties. Our conversations were unexpected and warming.”

Here’s some components to choose from that make your celebration stand out:



Coming together and celebrate anniversary or milestone moment


Give thanks for outstanding commitment to delivery during challenging times –
or what the occasion calls for


Strengthen resilience and invigorate motivation to keep going


  • Starting with the speakers and the themes, it’s important that the agenda is prepared to the last detail
  • With the help of a contact person in the organization, we select and coordinate speakers and potential singers as well as other details
  • 3-4 preparation meetings with contact person and facilitator
  • Main speakers to be coached by the facilitator, speeches of 2-4 minutes
  • Session to be delivered on Microsoft Teams or Zoom platform with breakout
  • Co-creating the invite is essential for this kind of session to be successful

Group Size

Group of 150 participants or more


90 minutes